Wednesday 9th October 2019

Happy Independence Day Uganda. The town was alive and vibrant today, with everyone turned out in their best clothes, lots of music and face painting going on.

It’s a public holiday here so minimal staffing at the hospital and everyone in a hurry to get to church, and their family celebrations.

We took the opportunity to spend the morning planning. Frankie and Judy are running an internationally recognised primary trauma course. Lots of logistics involved including catering, gathering all the equipment needed and getting hold of a goats thorax and larynx to learn chest drains and tracheostomies……….delightful!

Emma and I spent the morning preparing our acute illness management days. Based on the AIM and ALERT courses that run in the UK, but we are adapting it to be relevant in Uganda with the resources that are available here. Lots of focus on checking what you have done is actually working and asking for help early. We have written some case studies based on what we have seen in the last few days.

After a couple of long days behind us and a successful planning morning completed (Judy has actually sent her community breast cancer diagnosis proposal to the main stakeholders involved), we decided to call it a day.

It is warming up here after a cooler few days, so obviously today was the day for us to decide to use our free afternoon to head up the local mountain (hill) in the hot sun. The last bit of the drive was barely describable as a road but we parked up at the end and headed off in what we hoped was the right direction. It is a granite formation that is being gradually mined away and at the bottom there was a group of women breaking up the pieces of rock with hammers and sorting it by hand.

Back to the hotel for some more Poole Africa Admin. Ready to get started early tomorrow.