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Welcome to Poole Africa Link

Poole Africa Link was set up in 2009 when a link was formed between Poole hospital NHS foundation Trust and Wau hospital in South Sudan. Twelve successful visits followed with teams of 4-6 health care professional visiting for 2-3 weeks at a time.

The objective of these visits being training for doctors, nurses, midwives and student nurses and midwives. As well as teaching at Wau teaching hospital we taught at two of the schools of nursing and have made many very good friends in South Sudan. The dire conditions in the hospital have improved over the years but the hospital still has no proper running water and drainage and very limited electricity.

The current political situation and unrest in South Sudan has meant that at present we are unable to return and in Nov 2014 a team carried out a scoping visit to Lira in Northern Uganda to investigate setting up a link with the university and a 500 bed hospital there. Since then we have continued to send teams to Lira twice a year, the last visit being in October 2017, when 11 health care professionals visited over one month. Our teams are very well received both at the university and hospital.

The link is supported by but not funded by Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Successful fundraising plays a vital part in supporting our work.

Thank you for visiting our website.

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life’


Blog 5th April 2019

Day 12 blog Friday 5th April   Final day teaching at Lira University followed by clinical skills in the afternoon. We were taken out for lunch by Professor Jasper and the tutors, very sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful staff and students of Lira University. Bags packed. Dinner eaten. Flights checked in and

4th April 2019

Day 11 blog Thursday 4th April   Ally and Sophie spent their last day on the paediatric ward at Lira referral hospital. The doctors are getting used to having observations done on all the patients and they are hoping that they have instilled in the nurses how important it is and the practice of doing

3rd April 2019

Our week seems to be rushing by and the weather has got hotter again. There is famine in remote villages due to the untimely delay in the rainy season and most children only get one meal a day. Paediatrics is full as usual with sick children, Sophie and Ally have been trying  again during the