Wednesday 2nd October 2019

In the morning Mel and Antoinette went to the Lira Referral Hospital feeding centre. Antoinette supported a doctor with the ward round; while Mel taught students how to take observations on the babies and complete MUAC assessments. Mel then went back to the paediatric ward to review a little boy with cerebral malaria. She was very pleased to see he had improved and was now sitting up in his bed.

Sally and Sarah went to Lira University to teach year 2 students. Sally braved the important subject of contraception and family planning in fairly graphic detail, which fascinated all the students! Sarah taught infant nutrition where the students engaged in a lively discussion on breastfeeding by HIV positive mothers.

Emily went to the medical hospital where they had 2 stroke admissions. One patient was a 24 year old lady who had developed R side paralysis and impaired speech. Unfortunately she did not have any money to pay for a CT scan and therefore could not receive any medical treatment. Emily taught the family bed exercises, positioning, and how to assist the patient into a wheelchair so the family can take her outdoors. Mum was very upset when Emily said she couldn’t continue the patients physiotherapy, as she didn’t have any money to pay for physiotherapy for her daughter.

In the afternoon the whole team taught neonatal resuscitation to year 2. They listened to a theory presentation and had excellent questions, and then split into groups to practice the skills.

We are now sat undercover planning tomorrows sessions while the torrential rain continues outdoors.