Wednesday 16th October 2019

Today Andy and Frankie ran the train the trainers course for PTC alongside the two local PTC trainers Tom Okello and Peter Awio. 5 candidates who had done especially well on the course over the last few days were selected and practised lecturing, running and scenarios, skill stations, course organisation and setup. Judy hovered between the two learning a lot about trainer training. The candidates did really well and are busy tonight preparing for the second course tomorrow – we are anticipating 20+ new students to teach –many of them nursing students and the interns. The main thing is that the local trainers have completely embraced the course and want to maintain the momentum by repeating it again soon and getting Lira as a regular course provider.

Freyja, Carmen and Anita had a very productive meeting with Dr Bernard Omech, a physician and public health specialist. He is excited about the prospect of developing health care bundles (such as stroke management), but also enthusiastic about future projects with Salisbury. Still in full meeting mode the trio then had an excellent meeting in Lira referral hospital: Betty (the medical officer) had summoned the troupes and got medics, psychiatrists, The TB medial officer, head of nursing sister, an A&E nurse and their intern. The main outcome was a wish list of training they would like… and as I write they are planning to start going down the list and start with manual handling tomorrow as requested.

Year group teaching at the midwifery school has been frustrating with a few miscommunications and cancelled sessions – but we have still managed to get some full days teaching in. Freyja and Emma have a full day with year 1 on Friday.

Emma spent the morning in theatres and was so delighted to find they are using the white board for their team brief. Later an emaciated elderly lady turned up in A&E with a strangulated hernia needing Frankie ‘s advice re anaesthetics.

The “girls” went off to the orphanage in the afternoon for a well earned visit out, and a visit to the market to collect scrubs made out of katengo (vibrant African material).