Tuesday 1st October 2019

Sally was not idle despite the bad back . She has spent some time this afternoon looking at important feedback on quantitive and qualitative feedback from the students ranging over the four year groups. A meet with Anna Grace this afternoon also included ways of implementing admission assessments to the current notes at Lira and LRRH.

Sarah, Mel and Antoinette spent the morning at LRRH on paediatric ward and therapeutic feeding centre. Sarah concentrated on teaching plotting weight charts as an important way of identifying progress and more importantly, lack of progress with weight gain. Students responded well to this and it led to discussions on recording other nursing observations. Nutritional requirements also featured in the teaching, with plenty of examples of children with increased requirements due to infection, cardiac and genetic anomalies.

Mel and Antoinette spent the morning on the paediatric ward, Antoinette teaching the CMOs taking paediatric history and examination and developmental assessment. The new doctors were unfortunately not on the wards yet due to ongoing industrial action against changes to their training programme.

Mel did some training with lots of the students on the ward around recognition of abnormal observations and what they meant and potential interventions. There were so many students and no real system or expectation for their role on the ward unfortunately.

Emily reviewed the baby with talipes and got one of the students to redress the feet and showed the mother how to do it so she could do it at home.

The afternoon was spent at the university and taught the first year students about communication skills followed by a breaking into groups and discussing 4 different scenarios. Feedback from this lead to some very active debate and discussion! The students participated really well and enjoyed the session, expressing a great deal of gratitude afterwards and asking when we were coming back!

2 more days left sadly.