Thursday 3rd October 2019

Final blog from team 1.

It was our last day teaching in Lira and we’ve had a very successful day overall. We started at Lira referral hospital where we dropped off our last bits of kit to the therapeutic feeding centre, female surgical ward, maternity and lastly paediatrics where fob watches and thermometers were snapped up very quickly by all the student nurses!

Sarah, Sally and Emily then stayed and did the grand round. There were 10-15 senior management staff so they addressed responsibilities which was warmly received.

An option of preferred teaching topic was then offered with a resounding vote for neonatal resus, again very successful.

The offer to do further teaching was snapped up and following a round up of all the student nurses from across the site resulted in around 100 people – standing room only! Sally was delighted to hear that the practical sessions had already resulted in 2 successful resuscitations and correct management of a post partum haemorrhage. Mel and Antoinette went to the university where we were hoping to teach year 3 students care of the newborn and congenital abnormalities.

Sadly the year 3’s already had a lecture in progress due to some miscommunication, however we spent the time planning the afternoon session which lead to a very productive session on ETAT- emergency triage assessment and treatment starting with a lecture and then 3 scenario stations. Emily managed airway management and choking, Antoinette seizures and Mel circulation compromise. The feedback was very positive.

We are looking forward to a farewell dinner arranged by Anna-Grace and some of the other tutors before heading off early tomorrow for home.
We hand over the baton to the next team lead by Dr Frankie Dormon arriving in Lira on Sunday evening. Wishing them all the best.