Thursday 10th October 2019

Stormy day today (weather wise).

Started off in the university – Emma, Judy and Frankie got to work sorting kit for the PTC course next week. The planned kit couldn’t leave Kampala hence we are making up our own kit.

One of the manikins had a rather terminal bilateral tracheal rupture so Judy got to operate on him with excellent results.

Freja liaised with Anna Grace and other clinicians about developing the drug chart and it is now nearly nearly ready for first printing. Betty (one of the MOs at Lira) is also happy to join forces and get it going in the referral hospital as well – so great ground work. Frankie and Emma had a great day teaching year 3 principles of foundations of anaesthetics and spinal anaesthesia followed by a practical in the skills lab. This was received with great enthusiasm by the students.

Tom Otim was around to discuss dissemination of our donated surgical instruments and generally all things surgical – so very useful and productive.

Judy and Freja then went off to teach at the referral hospital. Students were having to leave earlier than expected so some planned teaching was rescheduled for tomorrow along with advanced suturing for the interns. On to plan B

Judy had a lovely quick visit to see Joyce in the ultrasound room. She ultrasounds EVERYTHING– and if its unfamiliar she just looks it up and works it out. She has kindly agreed to teach breast ultrasound at the appropriate time. She also needs a new curvilinear probe for her machine. Freya had an excellent time on the medical ward with Dr Betty, and after teaching, Emma had a very fruitful hour with a final year student who wanted to know all about theatres…. She couldn’t have found a better person.

So …. Back to base through the lashing rain for a short breather – grateful not to be cycling in the storm as discussed at some point in a moment of enthusiasm, and then more planning for the courses at the weekend and next week… and maybe a beer whilst Frankie and Freya go off to shop for the catering for the Primary Trauma course? Managed to slip in a quick purchase for teaching perineal repair en masse, a foam mattress! This can be cut up into little cubes to teach secondary tear repairs.