Sunday 13th October 2019

We had a day off!

Well nearly, now settling down to plan for next week. The team has been expanded with the arrival of Carmen and Anita from Salisbury, who are looking to see whether there might be an opportunity for Salisbury Hospital to work alongside us in Lira. In addition, Andy Kent has joined us from Scotland to help with (well lead really) the Primary Trauma Course.

I think we have most things in place, the course is a full on Trauma Course, with lectures, skill station, Scenarios and workshops. In addition there are coffee breaks, lunches and afternoon breaks. Judy has found the sheep larynx and Arnold will hopefully find the goats thorax for tomorrow!!

We had a game drive in Murchison for the day, early start at 05.00 and met with fog on the road, really had to drive slowly!.. but arrived at the park to meet with Henry, who has been our park ranger for several trips now. Hugs all round. We saw antelope, hartebeest, warthogs, hippos, giraffe (Rothschihld type, which are endangered and the park has 80% of all the Rothschild giraffe in the world!!)_etc,etc and to Emma’s delight Elephants, mainly big boys, not many babies, but the park has had significant rain and the undergrowth is so thick they may have been a few yards away and we would not have seen them. No lion today. The birds were prolific, so a good day was had by all.