Saturday 12th October 2019

What a successful today. We ran a safe surgery course at Lira University this morning and had over 40 students attend. We covered The WHO checklist, safety in theatre, team-working and communication and recognising the sickest patient.

The day started with four 30 minutes lectures and then moved on to 4 workshops on each of the topics. Everyone got into the swing of things and the students were even acting out squeezing blood bags into the patient that they pretended to get at a make believe blood bank. In preparing for the major haemorrhage scenario.

I have learnt a lot about not only the UK massive haemorrhage guidelines but the transfusion situation in sub-Saharan Africa, both currently and the plan for the future. This health partnership really is not just about us teaching here, there is so much relevant things to learn as well. The students are innovative and engaged and ask really interesting questions that often make you challenge your own practice… or at least have to dig deep for a logical explanation. It also really helps focus on getting the basics done well and care we can provide that is equally effective but uses less resources.

Emma totally came into her own given her longest lecture ever and to a group of over 40 students- her first lecture ever was only yesterday….She was clear, concise and used her workshop not only to teach but she worked with the students to redesign a theatre checklist for theatres in Lira university. What an achievement!!

We were exhausted after all the work shops, I’m not sure how the students felt.

We finished the course off with samosas and a soda with the group. Everyone laughed at Frankie’s attempts to pronounce their names, when we gave out the certificates. I’m pretty glad she had that job!!

Back to base for showers and to get out of our sticky sweaty scrubs, it was pretty humid today. Some more PTC prep work for Frankie and Judy.

Emma has put the adaptions on to the proposed Lira university theatre checklist and I continue to battle with the drug chart formatting. Am being resourceful and have emailed it to those back in England with better computer skills than me. Hoping to get it agreed by pharmacist and present it at the weekly doctors CPD meeting on Wednesday….no pressure then.

Our daily trip to the market, today we found a pineapple after yesterdays failed attempts, and Emma and I also snuck in some sneaky chocolate. Well it has been over a week?!

Out for a celebratory beer this evening after what felt like a really successful day.

Week one done!! How has that happened?