Monday 30th September 2019

Back to work today after a rest over the weekend. Very sadly Sally has injured back over the weekends so was unable to join us today. Fortunately Sally is already improving.

Today the rest of the team spent the day at Lira referral hospital. Mel and Antoinette spent most of the day on the paediatric ward. It was extremely busy so there many cases to teach on. Mel taught a group of nurses how to pass a nasogastric tube, how to take a blood glucose and using a spacer device. Antoinette supported the team with clinical decision making and taught the 4th years on Triage and assessment at lunchtime.

Emily spent the morning on the surgical ward and taught nurses about positioning for prevention of bedsores and exercises for bed-ridden patients. There were some very sad cases after trauma and cancer. She also worked with the physiotherapy department and helped to provide a splint to correct a baby with talipes. Her mother was so delighted!

Sarah taught nurses and clinical medical officers on maternal nutrition in the morning and assisted them with nutritional assessments on new patients.

We are saddened that care is really affected by a patient’s inability to pay; for instance parents have to pay even for the basics including essential drugs and intravenous cannula. Some patients on the surgical ward with fractured neck of femur can’t pay for surgery and are just managed with traction.


Photos to follow