Monday 14th October 2019

Eventful day . We have mitosed into a team of 7 now that Andy, Anita and Carmen have joined us. Poole is expanding to embrace distant lands now that Andy, an orthopaedic surgeon from Inverness, and Carmen and Anita from Salisbury have joined us.

The medical staff here in Lira are delighted to have another elderly care consultant to plan improvement s in stroke/rehabilitation etc. I am also amazed at discovering another wonderful role in the NHS, Anita is an OT with physio and is working as part of the frailty team in A&E.

So Freja adopted a new role as tour guide and introduced the Salisbury team to Lira and as delighted to be greeted now as an old established friend by the hospitals. They forayed into new territory discovering the physio and OT departments.

Meanwhile was the great launching of the first international teaching course at Lira university hospital! Ta da… the Primary Trauma Course. Frankie has worked like a Trojan to get this off the ground, and sucked all of us in to get involved over the last 24hrs like a whirlpool. Arnold was dispatched to collect cinnamon buns, samosas and a goat thorax, Judy and ( mostly Freja) moved tables and thrust mannekins into passerby’s arms to take up to the paediatric ward- newly reorganized into 3 skill stations.

Emma found new sills as the secretary, general organiser and log roll patient. 19 delegates arrived, including Tom Okello senior surgeon freshly transferred down to Lira from Gulu, Peter, William and Kenneth- Lira surgeons; Sean from public health, Anna Grace and many nursing and midwifery delegates.

The day went really well – scenarios in particular, airway management, chest drains, log-rolls and many others. One of the enthusiastic comments was that this should be rolled out to the first responders here (usually the police) … so it would be great to think that the train the trainers session later this week will assist with that.

The day ended with a team meal at Path restaurant – happily joined by Professor Jasper who welcomed us with kind words and a few hugs.