Friday 11th October 2019

Beautiful sunny day today, and an earlier start for Freja and Emma for an all day session with year 1 at the university. Teaching identification and management of acute illness with lectures and scenarios. This was followed by a session on team work and communication. An inspired practical to illustrate this involved a game of Chinese whispers in a large circle with two (unplanned) messages going round in opposite directions. By complete chance, both Emma and Freja chose almost identical sentences about eating samosas – but neither managed to keep the meaning which resulted in lots of laughter…

Frankie did full on networking and planning for the PTC course next week, plus joining in with the scenarios in the afternoon with year 1.

Judy meanwhile set off the hospital with a rucksack full of suturing kit and a bag of cow guts. She had a great day teaching interns intestinal anastomosis, and a full room of second year students from maternity. They managed to master most suturing techniques by the end of the day, enough to do a proper subcutaneous repair of a second degree tear, and were justifiably so proud of themselves.

En route home, shopping for catering services for the safe surgery course tomorrow, splashing out on about £20 for everything.

There was barely enough time left in the evening for final preparation for designated lectures and course scenarios topics…. And then sleep.