Tuesday 24th September 2019

This morning we all visited Lira Referral Hospital where the directors of medicine and nursing greeted us warmly. It is clear that they appreciate the support that Poole Africa Link offers as they were eagerly asking for teaching for their staff.


After a tour of the site, where several improvements were obvious, we set about our departments of interest. Mel and Antoinette spent the morning supporting the paediatric medical and nursing staff in decision making.




Sally meanwhile was straight into maternity where the sixth delivery of the day was very quick! Sally supported the mum who had no clothes or food; a take out lunch was ordered and the poor lady wasn’t allowed to lie down until provided some bedding. Emily got involved in maternity too, and ended up holding the baby!


Sarah made friends with Moses the nutritionist in the feeding centre and passed on kettles, bedding and the posters he had requested, typed up and laminated courtesy of Poole Africa Link. Moses is keen to work with us which is great! There were some sad cases of malnutrition, and Sarah got involved in a few nutritional assessments.



This afternoon, Mel and Antoinette taught fourth years about type one and two diabetes while Sally updated them on management of preeclampsia.


The critical care unit was expecting an admission this afternoon so Emily and Sarah popped in late afternoon to find an 84 year old who had an AHP (physio and dietitian) assessment. Positioning, chest physio, safely for feeding, nutrition and a neuro assessment were all covered and the nurse was keen for a written management plan.

A very productive day, we are all looking forward to teaching more tomorrow.