Friday 27th September 2019

Mel had a busy morning on the paediatric ward, there were lots of children and babies awaiting review but sadly only 1 doctor on duty today.

There were quite a few first year students who do pretty much everything else, obs and IV antibiotics. There are no drug charts or obs charts so very difficult to monitor progress.

They did have an oxygen cylinder for a child with severe pneumonia but unable to monitor oxygen saturations.

Sally had a hectic time in maternity and on labour ward trying to get cleaning standards up. The wards were full to capacity and one bed was out of action due to the mattress being damaged and not fit for purpose. She attempted to requisition a new one but seems like quite a long process! All the staff were keen to practice their neonatal resus which they were able to do in the department.

Sarah and Emily were at the university teaching. They had a full quota of 60+ students from year 1. Sarah taught maternal nutrition and Emily did manual handling which involves lots of practical interaction which they loved!








Antoinette went around the wards at the university and joined a ward round on surgical and paediatric. She was delighted to see the drug and observations charts introduced on the last trip are being used!

We all came over in the afternoon and had the same group for “vital signs” or what we call observations! This involved teaching the students to take temperatures, respiratory rate, sats, pulse and blood pressure. They all moved between stations to practice each one which was great if rather noisy! The feedback was very positive though and our efforts were appreciated, lots of lovely comments on the feedback forms.

Signing off for today but will be back for more news from lovely Lira tomorrow!