4th April 2019

Day 11 blog

Thursday 4th April


Ally and Sophie spent their last day on the paediatric ward at Lira referral hospital. The doctors are getting used to having observations done on all the patients and they are hoping that they have instilled in the nurses how important it is and the practice of doing obs on admission will continue.

Sally, Amy, Frankie and Sarah spent the day teaching the 4th year students at the university.

In the morning they covered pre- operative assessment, theatre etiquette and safety and post-operative checks for a woman undergoing an elective caesarean. They performed a moulage with Sally as the pregnant lady and all acted out the roles of the different healthcare professionals who would be involved in her care. It was a very effective way of teaching and stimulated a lot of discussion with the students.

In the afternoon they ran scenarios in the skills lab. Amy covered neonatal resus, Sarah did trauma, Sally showed them suturing of perineal wounds and Frankie talked about fluid management and resuscitation. The students were divided into small groups and rotated round the different stations. It worked really well but by the end of the afternoon both staff and students were exhausted!

At the end of the day the class representative, Solomon, called us into the lecture theatre. He gave a beautiful talk to thank us for teaching them and presented us with an amazing plaque that the students had made. They had also made a delicious cake which we all shared. It was a fantastic end to our time with the 4th years who have been taught by teams form Poole Africa link over the last few years. They will be graduating soon and going out to work in the local hospitals and clinics and we hope we have inspired them and instilled some good clinical practice.

Sarah Clark