3rd April 2019

Our week seems to be rushing by and the weather has got hotter again. There is famine in remote villages due to the untimely delay in the rainy season and most children only get one meal a day.

Paediatrics is full as usual with sick children, Sophie and Ally have been trying  again during the morning to implement emergency triage to ensure the sickest children are seen first.

At  the referral hospital Sally and Amy followed the ward round and taught post natal checks on mums and babies then spent time in the delivery suite prepping a lady for theatre.

Frankie and Sarah looked at theatre technique with the surgeons .

All finished early we drove out to Otino to visit the the children’s village (Otino Waa) where 400 children who are orphans largely due to poverty or illness in the family are housed and educated.

We had wonderful visit and met some of the children, ranging from 4-17 years. They all seemed happy and healthy thanks to an American charity.