2nd April 2019

Amy and Sally went out to some local clinics with Anna grace, very rural. At the first not enough students had attended and Anna grace was very cross. At the second Sally performed neonatal assessment on a tiny premature baby who was cold, wet, dirty and not feeding but put a feeding plan in place for the students and midwife to follow and gave the baby a good wash. Amy assisted in a normal delivery with the Sydney’s and Anna grace. Sadly another lady arrived with no foetal movements and bleeding and baby had died in utero at 30 weeks. A very fulfilling day with mixed emotions.

Frankie spent the whole morning with the anaesthetists, setting up and teaching on the new anaesthetic machine and handing out equipment an stalking about drug supplies. Still no halothane so no general anaesthesia yet.

Sarah spent the day at the referral hospital hospital on the male surgical ward. After a slow start she spent the morning doing wound dressings with the students. She was very impressed with their asceptic technique and none of the wounds were infected. They were all dressed with honey which the patients bring themselves. She had also arranged to do a teaching session with the interns, unfortunately unknown to her today was they day they rotated to a new specialty and so none of them turned up.

Sophie and ally spent another day on the paediatric ward at the referral hospital. They were busy doing obs and writing in the admission and discharge book. Sophie did some teaching on triage with the students. The doctors have now got used to observations being done and were actually asking where they were if they hadn’t been done which is a step in the right direction.


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