1st April 2019

Following our safari and boat ride along the Nile yesterday we are back to the university and referral hospital teaching.

Sophie and Alli had arranged for the second year students to receive a lecture from the UNICEF nutritionist. His lecture was on assessment and malnutrition in infants and young children touching on adults. This subject is very relevant to the students in Uganda.

After this they moved on to the Referral Hospital to implement the triage tool with the students and nurses on the Paediatric ward. Ally and Sophie taught the students how to do observations and what to look out for in order to escalate their care.

Sarah was at the university teaching local anaesthetics, accurate drug administering, drug calculations and communication skills. These included role play of nurses telephoning doctors and mobilising a response. She then went on to teach sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them.

Frankie finished the day by introducing the second years to the new drug chart and spent some time with professor Jasper with logistics and strategy at Lira University.

Amy and Sally spent the day teaching normal Midwifery to the third year students who had an unexpected test from their tutor about what they had learnt. They also taught suturing and hand washing as practical skills, which were both very popular.


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