29th March 2019

Sally and Amy spent  the day with Anna Grace visiting local clinics. These were very different to the hospital  and extremely rural. They did and ante- natal clinic and were able to teach 9 students about antenatal checks. They also taught neonatal examination. They were also able to give some bras to patients who needed them and hats to all babies in postnatal care.

Sophie and Ally spent the day at Lira referral hospital. They had a distressing time with a 2 month old baby who had had his teeth removed and developed severe sepsis. Unfortunately the baby was brought in to the hospital too late and there was little that could be done to save him. They learnt how cultural traditions and family influence can stop so mothers bringing their babies into the hospital when they are sick which is why they often present very late. Unfortunately little could be done for the baby and it died. It was difficult to watch and communication with the mother was poor, due to a combination of language barriers and how staff sometimes talk to parents.

In happier the poorly baby they had spent time with the day before and had taught mum how to breast feed was doing well and was able to be discharged.

They were also very impressed by the hospital nutritionist, Moses, and he is keen to come and teach the students. They noticed on the ward that lbs were being done due to the lack of thermometers so they sped off in the van with Arnold and bought some for the ward.

Sarah and Frankie were at the university teaching the 1st years. They had a great morning teaching how to take a history and introducing the new drug charts. Unfortunately unknown to them, the students had a test scheduled for the afternoon and so the planned session on performing observations and communication skills has been postponed until next week.

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