26th March 2019

Wow what a day.  After 5 years of working with students and helping with their development,  I spent a couple of hours I theatres for a caesarean section.  I was so excited to see that they really do use the check list,  they did an instrument check and swab check.  The staff were calm and relaxed and very reassuring to the patient who was treated as a person.  The new medical staff are keen to develop and receptive to ideas,  they may even use our old anaesthetic chart!  The mother received her pre-op antibiotics,  the surgery under spinal  was fine,  the baby was fine and the team were happy.  What more can you ask?

Sally and Amy,  our merry midwives,   went walkabout to antenatal clinics at the Regional Referral Hospital. Teaching the 4th Years antenatal checks and they ventured into the delivery suite.  Watched a poor lady who had checked in at 4 cm’s and 5 hours later was still wandering outside the unit!!  Looking distressed!!

The talented trio of Sarah,  Ally and Sophie  spent the day teaching breast cancer, breast examination (the boys enjoyed wearing Sarah’s  fake breasts and being examined!!)  History taking,  IV fluids for paediatrics, communication,  infection control and hand washing.  Phew!!

Professor Jasper (Vice Chancellor) was difficult to track down,  but he has given his blessing to a talk on drug prescriptions.   At the moment they have no drug chart.  I am talking with the doctors tomorrow.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.  Still have not opened my anaesthetic machine.  But this is Africa!!


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