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Thursday 25th October 2018

Well we are nearing the end of the trip. The items we bring out are once again received with great excitement, one of the curtains is already making presentations far easier in the lecture theatres, as it has reduced the light!

Paul has the new MOU signed finally. He went in search of Professor Jasper only to find him reviewing the new hospital with very important people from Kampala. When the gun was pointed in his direction by their security guards, he decided to try later.

He then had a very exciting discussion with both Professor Jasper the Vice chancellor and his deputy ‘DOC’. The University is moving on apace and the plan is for the first intake of Medical Students to arrive next July. This will have to be accompanied by equipment for the hospital, doctors and nursing staff (who were all interviewed last week) and finally patients. For PAL this will be a significant change in our position. He also talked about accommodation, whilst we would be happy with a guest house, they are talking about a hotel on the campus!!

Frankie has found several opportunities for a short promotional video, the best being one of the students who delivered safely at the University Midwifery unit. She tells us how proud she is to have trained here and how her birth experience was so much better than for her first baby, who was born at LRRH.

Edwina and July served up hygiene mixed with some team building games, to much laughter. Frankie and Eva were teaching safety and communication, we are learning so much from the students about their challenges and this gives us insight for future teaching. At the end of their session they were treated to a thank you song and speech, accompanied by much laughter and many hugs.

Sadly Judy and Peter are leaving on Friday so we went out to have a celebration dinner at Sankofa, a local restaurant the serves Pizza and Burgers!! Along with cold Nile beer.

Judy is now off to Ghana to work with Operation Hernia, she has had several sets of scrubs made locally for both her and Andrew Clarke, who is joining them. Look out in Poole, the traditional blue is about to be replaced with bright Africa Colours.

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