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Sunday 21st October 2018

So, after 5 days of teaching and working at the local hospital the team had a day off and it was time for an African adventure under the care of our trusty drive Arnold and you can’t come to Africa without experiencing SAFARI!!!

Despite the exhaustion it was an early start to ensure we got to Murchison Park in time to make full use of the day, leaving our hotel at 05.30 for the 3 hour drive. We were not disappointed! With the roof up on the trusty mini bus we were able to enjoy the views and the animals….Elephants, Giraffe, Antelope, Buffalo, Wilderbeast, Vultures, baboons amongst many other monkeys.

Then it was time to hit the Nile in a boat to see what water life we could find and it was prolific! Crocodiles, Hippopotamus, Kingfishers, Fish Eagles, Cormorants and the beautiful bee eaters. We cruised down the Nile to view the phenomenal Murchison Falls – the pictures do not do the views and the sound of the crashing water justice.

We alighted the boat to be joined by a guide who walked us up the very steep cliffs to enjoy the views of the falls from above and enjoy the rainbows and the spray from the water to cool us down at the top.

Exhausted we jumped back into the mini bus and were treated to more animal life, including turtles and interesting birds before the long journey home. Exhausted and ready to start again with the teaching early Monday morning. Thank you Arnold!

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