Saturday 20th October 2018

Another day of adventure for Team 2! With the team planning on delivering a full-day course on obstetric emergencies, teamwork and communication (similar to the PROMPT curse), Saturday was never looking like a rest day but we hadn’t quite envisaged such drama! On the way to the University we witnessed our second boda boda accident in less than 24 hours. Our eagle-eyed driver Arnold noticed an injured child and distraught mother at the roadside and naturally the team jumped out to help. We were relieved to find the infant wasn’t seriously injured, albeit very tearful and with a hefty bump to his head. Understandably, his poor mum needed plenty of reassurance and with some local assistance the pair were sent to hospital.

Onwards we went, headlong into the next (thankfully less dramatic) obstacle. A brave Julie made it to the university but quickly realised she was far too poorly to teach and thankfully Arnold’s chariot was waiting to whisk her back to the hotel for much needed rest and recuperation. We soldiered on, minus our expert midwife, and made a quick relocation across to the new hospital because our classrooms were double booked. Nevertheless, Frankie kicked proceedings off with a great presentation on teamwork and communication which, if the afternoon’s scenarios are anything to go by, really struck a chord with the students.

These things happen in 3s. Or is it 4s? A sudden power cut threatened to throw our speakers off course but with calm heads and a host of magic gadgets we were soon up and running again. Eva and Judy followed with excellent talks on post-partum haemorrhage and maternal sepsis . Two serious topics but ably delivered with a sense of humour and the students were definitely kept awake and engaged. Once more into the breach for Frankie, stepping into Julie’s shoes to cover preeclampsia . Edwina had the chance to add to her ever expanding acting portfolio, adding “fitting pregnant lady” to her repertoire (a welcome change from “acute diarrhoea” and “vaginal examination” scenarios!).

With the morning’s sessions completed the team blew a sigh of relief, now the real fun was to begin. Five concurrent skills stations were set up with groups to rotate and participate in scenarios at each station; Frankie and Edwina embarked on their biggest challenge of the day – working out where everyone was going! Thanks to Lira University tutors Anna Grace and Jacquelyn who helped the team deliver the full range of scenarios; it was great to work together and it was evident that the students learned a great deal about practical application of clinical knowledge.

A quick break for sustenance, the team treated the class to samosas which were a big hit, disappearing in approximately 30 seconds. The afternoon went by in a blur and it was soon time to present students with their certificates. We saw some amazing celebrations from cheering to dancing to students being carried aloft by their peers! Each was delighted to receive a hand-signed certificate from Frankie and cameras were flashing from all angles. The amount of joy and enthusiasm in the room was more than enough to make us all forget the challenges (sorry Boss Frankie –“opportunities”!) of the day.

Finally the team made it back to the hotel and are looking forward to a relaxing Sunday off. Sorry, did somebody say 4:45 wake-up call? An early start awaits for our Sunday Safari adventure!