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Friday 26th October 2018

The penultimate day of teaching is upon us, how did that happen?

Julie and Edwina explored communication and leadership with year 4 and the students shared experiences of challenging hierarchy and championing patient safety – all reiterating the many similarities healthcare professionals face in both settings. Julie’s acting skills had the class in stitches with her portrayal of a surly child and brought to life the topic of Transactional Analysis. The students took the Belbin team roles questionnaire and learnt about the diversity of characters that are required for an effective team. This was put into practice in the afternoon session when students raced to complete their “radioactive waste” team building exercise. All perfectly safe of course.

Eva visited Lira Hospital to liaise with fellow anaesthetists and (most importantly) to deliver some baby clothes for newborns which were gratefully received by delighted mothers.

Frankie spent the morning on her favourite topic – (A is for Airway!) – but with a slightly different tack this time, airway diseases were the order of the day for year 3.

The afternoon saw Eva and Frankie join forces to deliver human factors training. This sparked lively debate on the need for an open, honest culture in all healthcare systems in order to facilitate learning from incidents. Our anaesthetist double act must have done something right as they were serenaded with a farewell song from the class!

The team decided it was about time they took Arnold out for a belated birthday meal in the evening and it was an exciting change to eat burgers and pizzas – ah the simple things!

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