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24th October 2017

ED case presentations and discussions focussing on the benefit of taking vital signs to triage and manage patients

It was an early start for Peter and Julie, who travelled to the Aboke clinic, a satellite maternity unit outside Lira. They managed to teach Lira Uni students as well as getting a 1.2kg newborn twin to breastfeed – a great success!

Stormy weather had flooded some of the roads; indeed some people’s huts had washed away such was the torrent. It also rained down teaching, as successful sessions were delivered to students in the ED, to 3rd year students on pre-eclampsia, trauma and haemorrhage.

The delivery of the masses of kit to various departments also brightened the day – the ED and maternity unit also now have clocks! A more Westernised meal at Sankofa Cafe in town provided a nice culinary change and a fitting end to the evening.

Ambulance transport for the students to the clinics

Kate teaching on preeclampsia

Peter teaching at the Aboke clinic

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