Tuesday 4th October 2016

Off to hospital to start our day , Peter off to NICU Antoinette and Ali to paediatrics.

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Hilary went to labour ward where her interior design skills came in useful as she was able to sort out bed space curtains . Frankie went to Lira University to teach anaesthesia. Liv and Sandy went AWOL as they found some interesting cultural activities taking place outside the hospital. They watched an amazing parade with a brass band which had an ulterior motive of leading them to a meeting with the council to discuss how the town was run. Luckily they cottoned on early and missed the meeting and instead got some language lessons at the local drug store.

The afternoon consisted of three team members teaching at Lira University (Antoinette ,Peter and Hilary )  Three teaching basic course at the hospital ( Frankie, Liv and Sandy). Ali went to the female medical ward (as they accommodate children over 5) to teach basic paediatric respiratory care to the students there . Ali got confused as she thought a new patient who turned up should be at maternity only to be told she had severe acites which required draining.

Antoinette and Peter had a long hot afternoon teaching neonatal resuscitation to 35 Year 3 students. Sadly they only had one resuscitation doll, so we had to be very inventive with different scenarios to get all students through their ABC without the rest falling asleep! Hilary taught 50 students about the role of the nurse and midwife and intensive care nursing in the UK.

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