Tuesday 11th October 2016

After torrential rains yesterday we woke to a sunny hot day. After wishing well to our South Sudanese colleague Louis Danga who left early this morning we prepared for another busy day.

photo-2Frankie headed off to the University this morning to teach principles of anaesthesia to Year 3 students. She felt a little abandoned as the rest of the team went to the hospital. Judy had a teaching session for student midwives and nurses teaching suturing techniques. This involved models that Judy had made, which were attached to the maternity ward wall. It was an extremely well received event! Peter had a successful teaching session on neonatal resuscitation on the maternity ward too.

Hilary and Lesley set up an emergency treatment box for post partum haemorrhage. They visited the antenatal clinic and were very impressed with the health education they saw. Antoinette spent the morning in the Adolescent clinic, supporting a volunteer doctor who has not yet received her medical school results but was doing the clinic otherwise unsupported. Impressively this clinic has been set up as a one-stop clinic with health education, HIV testing and then a visit to the doctor.

6All change in the afternoon with Frankie returning to the hospital to do a Basic Course session on pain management. The rest of the team went to the University after having a delicious lunch at a local cafe costing less than £3 for meal and soft drinks for 5 people! Peter did yet another session on neonatal resuscitation with Hilary, Antoinette did scenario teaching on Ugandan style paediatric emergencies, and Judy and Leslie taught on post- partum haemorrhage and delivery scenarios using a simulated teaching aid.


photo-1Exhausted by heat and hard work we are now enjoying a well-deserved cold beer and waiting for dinner!







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