Wednesday 28th September 2016

After surviving some mega-thunder storms last night, we’ve had another amazing day. The team all headed into the hospital again this morning. Ally spent some more time with the nursing students on the Paediatric ward, teaching and leading the students in triage of patients, presentation and various paediatric conditions.


image1Sandy and Liv spent the morning together on a fantastic multi-disciplinary teaching ward round. We had a great time teaching the students (26 nursing students on a ward of 26 patients!!) about pulse oximetry and the importance of oxygen in the care of patients. A really fulfilling moment occurred when we then found some of the students teaching other students who hadn’t been with us. Sandy did some work with a stroke patient and was rewarded with some great moving and handling taught to both the nurses and family. Liv has finally managed to have a cuddle with a tiny baby! (Learning objective complete!)





Frankie as ever has been saving the world, over in anaesthetics. Some sad times with a tiny newborn resuscitation attempt, but some positive moments with a really fantastic anaesthetist doing spinals, ring blocks and GA’s. Worryingly, her influence is making us think that we may be training the Ugandan version of Frankie Dormon. (We all love Frankie).


image4The afternoon was spent together doing our first formal BASIC DHS teaching session. After some challenging planning and set up (Liv, Ally and Sandy struggling to reattach the child resus doll’s head!), Frankie and Sandy led a session on Respiratory physiology and airway management, followed by a great practical session. We covered the recovery position (after Liv collapsed to the floor), basic airway management and supporting breathing. Sandy’s impromptu leap to the table to become a manikin for jaw thrusts will be long remembered by all who witnessed it… (see photos).






We’re now back at the hotel, planning and preparing for a long day at the university with Year 4 students tomorrow, following a ‘business dinner’ with the university team this evening. The famous Cherie, Anna Agnes & colleagues from the university, as well as Julia and Abby, who are volunteering with the Peace Corps. Lots of laughter and an excellent meal, with some time to plan our teaching alongside our colleagues.

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