Frankie and Judy went off to the hospital to teach at 8am while Paul and Sarah took in the

Paul joined the ward round on Female Medical at Lira Hospital while Judy went off to the District

08.00 meeting at the University with Paul, Sarah and the Deputy VC, DOK , a background in the

Sarah arrived safely on saturday, settled in on sunday, and within a working day has met many

Wow what a day! Judy went off early to teach at the University. Five vagina Judy, all made

Yesterday was a hard act to follow…. but today was nevertheless another busy, useful

Celebrations all round !! This is the first slide digitally photographed this morning and sent

We may be a small group,  but we have certainly hit the ground running.  Bright and early

After a working breakfast to untangle the complex and ever bulging timetable we went to the

We had an amazing day yesterday (Monday) – just chatting to all the hospital and university