Wow, what a day. I had a day with no teaching, but…. Met with the tutors and have engaged

So team 2 arrived safely in Lira thanks to Arnold’s expert pot hole avoidance techniques

Our last day teaching in Lira! Peter had a busy morning at Lira referral hospital. We have

Yesterday was Independence day so Lira was celebrating….lots of dogs and late night revelry

After dramatic thunderstorms and torrential rain last night we awoke to a welcome cooler start

Peter on blog duty again so interrupting Tottenham Cardiff coverage to write this: Big disappointment

Another perfect blue-skied sunny day in Lira. The team had a very full program teaching neonatal

The day started with an  early meeting with Professor Jasper the Vice Chancellor of the University.

‘The Epic of Solomon and the Severn’ Very successful day, in spite of some unforeseen