Despite torrential rain all night, it was a case of H2-NO that greeted us on our first morning

The ‘B’ Team (the B is for ‘best’), for this year’s October PAL excursion to Lira,

Last teaching day dawns and sadly Bruce has been laid low overnight with gastroenteritis. Misbah

We had torrential rain overnight but the sun started to shine again in the morning. Judy went

We set up in the university saturday am and rotated all the students around five stations

Antoinette kicked off with a lively and engaging presentation on neonatal resuscitation to

Today was Year 2 students clinical practice day on the wards of Lira Hospital. Our American

Day Two: Antoinette and I spent the morning on the children’s ward. A two year old working

I love airports. Heathrow was buzzing. Even Nairobi at 4am had duty free and coffee shop opens,

Poole Africa link news. It’s time for another visit of Poole Africa links teams to Lira hospital