The Emergency Department Students with Sister Doreen Time has flown by and for most of us it’s

Julie with the fantastic social worker Lucy Despite some political protesting in town, it was

ED case presentations and discussions focussing on the benefit of taking vital signs to triage

Donations from Poole and Portsmouth Hospitals to be taken in to the hospital and university

This morning the team overcame the frustrations of the prior day, successfully teaching at

Team B returned to the hospital in the morning, with further attempts to provide sustainable

It was a case of divide and conquer as the team split up to teach in various departments at

Despite torrential rain all night, it was a case of H2-NO that greeted us on our first morning

The ‘B’ Team (the B is for ‘best’), for this year’s October PAL excursion to Lira,

Last teaching day dawns and sadly Bruce has been laid low overnight with gastroenteritis. Misbah