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Wednesday 3rd October 2018

‘The Epic of Solomon and the Severn’

Very successful day, in spite of some unforeseen interruptions. All teaching in morning very smooth. Bruce aided in this by using old friend of Poole Africa Link, Solomon, in role as deputy in scenario teaching for second year students – (Solomon IS a student – in 4th year-but appears to know everything).

Slightly epic day for him. Slightly less so for rest of us, but still seems hard. How do actual teachers do this all the time?!?

Met fellow medics-with-educational-leanings at Lira University. Here in Uganda sorting out post-grad, and under-grad medic education at Gulu from Bristol and Bath. Looking at Lira as Beacon of Medical And Midwifery Learning type thing. In the meantime offering “hands a cross the Severn” with respect to collaboration on projects.


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