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Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Our first Teaching day started bright and early leaving at 8am. In contrast to last year, the University have organised a teaching block for us, so we are going to be spending more of our time at the University than Lira referral Hospital. In contrast to UK we have very large groups to teach which makes scenario teaching quite challenging. The students however are keen to learn and ask lots of questions!

Peter and I started off with a full day of newborn resuscitation involving lectures and practical sessions. Peter was videoed by several students doing the demo resuscitation run on some of the students phones. Janet was teaching the theory of ultrasound as well as starting some of the Year 4 on a practical session. Fortuitously one of the students was pregnant and happy to have an ultrasound! Bruce concentrated on emergency scenarios including anaphylaxis and uterine rupture!

In between morning and afternoon sessions we had lunch at a local cafe: beans, sweet potato and cabbage for £3 for all of us. That included a bottled soda drink each!

Another success was managing to buy a step down transformer later this afternoon that hopefully will allow the University to use their Siemens ultrasound machine which should allow much better quality pictures.

Mosquitoes now arriving as we sit in the fading light with a beer relaxing at the hotel.

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