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Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Our numbers are swelling –Paul has now joined us after a marathon bus journey from Kampala, and straight into a working meal at Margarghita Hotel. We met up with Philip Wassler from the department of tourism at Bournemouth University, who was giving a keynote lecture at the three day conference on tourism in Northern Uganda. It seems that BU has input from several different departments which is great for the link with Lira University. I think we all enjoy that BU and LU makes a catchy BULU which means youth in the local language of Lango.

So today was a busy and productive day all round. Paul spent a long time with Professor Jasper, discussing academic links amongst many other items.
Julie and Frankie had quite an intensive teaching morning covering pre-eclampsia diabetes and complications of pregnancy, and scenarios in the afternoon. Judy and Eva covered sepsis septic shock and DIC in the morning and then had a more fun session on communication with some hilarious scenarios. The afternoon was spent teaching perineal tears and suturing to the year 4. Edwina had a day at the hospital – mostly on the female surgical ward with wound management.

On the way home we popped into the market to see how the tailored scrubs were getting on – and ordered yet more. There is such a sea of tailors it is hard to remember which one – yes we did forget.

As always interesting discussions and visitors around the table at Kanberra in the evening.

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