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Thursday 4th October 2018

The day started with an  early meeting with Professor Jasper the Vice Chancellor of the University. This was the first opportunity that we had to meet him this visit and he was very welcoming and told us of the future plans for the University including a teacher training course.

We then went to the university to resume our schedule. Anti and Bruce covered Emergency triage and Peter covered care of the newborn.




Janet took a small group of the 4th years to Aboke clinic, the local maternity site, with the hope of teaching some obstetric scanning as previously arranged.



On arrival there was a large number of antenatal patients sitting outside on the floor waiting to be seen.

The antenatal ward was a very dark depressing ward. However the ultrasound machine was in the only modern building on site which was fresh and  clean.

Along with the very pleasant doctor (Joanne) the students were able to see quite a few scans ranging from early to late stage pregnancy which they found really interesting and by the end they  were getting better at recognising foetal structures and placenta sites.

All the students had some hands on experience and were keen to stay a bit later to do more scans.

As the students were having university lectures in the afternoon the team went to Lira Referral hospital to give out some of the donated medical supplies. All the staff were very welcoming and happy to receive the donations.

The children’s ward was very cramped with 27 cots pushed together. The clinical officer told us that she had reviewed 30 children that morning. Although conditions were poor there was a good atmosphere.


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