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Monday 8th October 2018

After dramatic thunderstorms and torrential rain last night we awoke to a welcome cooler start to the day. Rejuvenated by our day off we set off the university.

The morning started with the arrival of a pregnant lady to the maternity unit in labour with twins. I scanned the lady to check heartbeats and placental position etc. with Dr Kenneth before she was taken to theatre for a cesarean section. This was the first cesarean to be performed in the university hospital and Peter was on standby for the babies in case there were any problems.

After this I gathered some students along with the ultrasound machine and headed to a local clinic at Bara Pwo. There were a large number of women waiting for antenatal care and all were keen to be scanned. The students had a lot of hands on practice and by the end of the session they could confidently identify fetal position, placental site and fluid amount. The students were very happy with the skills learned. We had to disappoint some of the ladies as we ran out of time.

On arrival back at the university the twins had been safely delivered and mother and babies doing well.

Interestingly, I found an article in the ultrasound box on how to make home made ultrasound gel which can be difficult to access in Uganda. It was made from cassava , bula ( vegetable) flour, salt and water , heated then cooled!!

Antoinette had a rewarding morning at Lira Referral hospital teaching the student nurses and student clinical officers on the children’s ward.

Peter , Bruce, and later Antoinette were kept busy teaching congenital abnormalities, preterm infants, care of the newborn and vaccinations to year 4 and wound care and burns to the 1st years.

All in all a good day.

Tomorrow is a public holiday so no teaching for us.We are hoping to join in with some of the local celebrations.



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