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Monday 1st October 2018

Day one

Today our first stop was the university hospital where we were welcomed by Joy Acen  the university course coordinator. We were shown around the university and parts of the new hospital which has progressed since the last visit. The hospital building is now completed but is not yet up and running. They are accepting antenatal patients and some out patients although none were seen during our short time there.

We located the ultrasound machine and found it to be in good working order for Janet to use tomorrow and then went to the clinical skills room to ensure all the equipment is ready for Anti, Peter  and Bruce.

After this we travelled to Aboke to find the hospital where the antenatal clinics are now being run and arranged for Janet to return on Thursday to do some scanning with the students who are based there. This hospital is a far cry from the university with dilapidated buildings and crowded waiting rooms with patients sitting on the floor .

After a quick lunch stop at the orphanage restaurant  we moved on to the referral hospital at Lira. There have been some changes due to new building works which meant that the Antenatal clinics are now at outlying clinics and the feeding centre has been relocated off site. After visiting the children’s ward and neonatal unit we returned to the hotel.

All in all we achieved what we wanted to do and hopefully are ready to start teaching tomorrow.




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