7th October 2017

We set up in the university saturday am and rotated all the students around five stations – ultrasound, paediatric nutrition, paediatric scenarios, trauma scenarios, and suturing. All year groups came and we had maybe over 150 at one point. 

 Have to say Sarah is the world’s best ever surgical dietician, who after her masterclass was able to join in with the suturing teaching. 

….And Bruce who was the only one multitasking as traumatologist/surgeon and sweeper-upper.  

 Misbah bustled between her ultrasound machine and the lecture theatre to give theory in parallel to practicals. 

 Anna Agnes was present a lot of the time, which was lovely. 

  All in all we did collapse in a heap by the evening. 

Walked over to Path and had a lovely evening there with Robert and Nancy. Robert is a medical officer – doing mostly paediatrics and surgery, but like all non-specialist hospital doctors here does everything. Short supplies seem to be the limiting factor at the hospital at the moment. Other than the lack of salaries of course.