6th October 2017

Antoinette kicked off with a lively and engaging presentation on neonatal resuscitation to year one midwives at the university. We then split into groups to put this into practice with the students keen to demonstrate their knowledge. Judy and Bruce then led adult resus for year two, again with great interaction.

After a lunch of beans and rice at a local cafe on campus, we returned refreshed ready for year three suturing classes. Judy had brown vinyl made into convincing wounds for each student to practice. I think this was their first opportunity to practice this vital skill. More advanced suturing teaching to follow, culminating in repairing perineal tears! Judy has sponges lined up for this!

Misbah needed to find ultrasound obstetric books so ended up spending almost two hours sorting the hospital library. An hour with hospital sonographer followed, partly to  help and partly to take advantage of a rare room with air conditioning! She then met with the ophthalmologist to discuss a CT scan of a child which was done at a private centre but had not been reported.

Another ultrasound workshop for the midwives at the university finished off the day.

We gave a lift back to town to two university staff, one of them bringing an extra passenger, the live chicken ready for the Sunday roast in celebration of independence day!


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