3rd October 2017

Day Two:

Antoinette and I spent the morning on the children’s ward. A two year old working very hard with a chest infection with oxygen saturations of 84%, eventually had access to oxygen.  I was worried as she hadn’t drunk since yesterday. We would have started NG feeding, but nobody was keen. Thankfully once her Sats improved she took some juice. Phew! Hope she will be improved tomorrow.

I took off for the therapeutic feeding centre and helped the nurse teach students how to accurately weigh, measure length and MUAC.

Meanwhile Bruce and Judy teach on the surgical wards. After a quick regroup for lunch, with Judy and myself feasting on avocado, tomatoes and onions that we had bought in the market, we head off to the university.

Misbah is almost straight in to teaching ultrasound skills and takes fourth year midwives through the basics before splitting into small groups for demonstrations. Judy was the first subject, but soon the students were keen to join in. Several are very keen and Misbah is hoping to take their skills further in the next few days.

My planned teaching to third years didn’t materialize as they were away in the public health department! So much for thinking we had the timetable sorted! We made friends with the public health course director and hope to help out with teaching them soon.

We also met a peace corps midwife, recently arrived from Washington state. She had worked in Sierra Leone, and is adjusting to Uganda. A very useful contact.

Slow but steady progress and some helpful encounters today.

Sarah Currell

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