2nd October 2017

I love airports. Heathrow was buzzing. Even Nairobi at 4am had duty free and coffee shop opens, and lots of people going places. But it was sobering that the only planes other than our Kenya Airways arrival at Entebbe international were from World Food Aid. We think they were providing aid for the refugees from South Sudan in the north of Uganda.

After a six hour drive north we arrived at Lira pretty exhausted after 27 hours on the go.

Monday were for action. We start at the university and meet the deputy to the vice chancellor. On to the midwifery course leader where we take a timetable for three years of student teaching and later work on fitting in some teaching.

Uganda is a beautiful country with plentiful crops growing everywhere. Most people around town look well nourished. And I thought the BBC had made me immune to the sights of malnutrition, but the five children in the Therapeutic Feeding Centre were a shock. I was sure one of the children had a neurological deficit, but Antoinette assured me that if his severe malnutrition is corrected, he could do well. Fingers crossed…and toes.

Sarah Currell