16th October 2017

Despite torrential rain all night, it was a case of H2-NO that greeted us on our first morning in Lira. Sinks, showers and toilets all came unstuck without any running water. T.I.A after all….

The morning was spent touring a busy Lira hospital – a large car accident the night before had all hands on deck. We saw firsthand some of the differences to the UK; relevant BNF bits transcribed onto cardboard and XR film developing in the sun.

In the afternoon, en route to Lira University, we stopped for a quick lunch at #Maish. Kate will now serve as control subject having passed on eating the rice, in the process hoping to win the betting pool on who would go down from GI upset first.

Following a tour of the fantastic new maternal unit at the University hospital, we managed to wrangle some afternoon teaching with 49 Year 1 midwifery students. A highly entertaining and interactive lecture from Julie and Kate on the normal birthing process led nicely on to the final session of the day; a simulated workshop on neonatal resuscitation.