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15th October 2017 (team B)

The ‘B’ Team (the B is for ‘best’), for this year’s October PAL excursion to Lira, finally all met up to begin the final leg of their journey. With the unshakeable Arnold “not Schwarzenegger” the driver behind the wheel, the team set off north.

Taking a detour around Kampala on the unofficially open new by-pass, we witnessed first hand the new cash-in-hand toll booth that was operating. Cows, goats, monkeys and baboons all lined the road at various points en route as we were treated to the ‘Ugandan Highway Safari’.

After the mandatory Samosa Stop, where the team got to sink their teeth into savoury samosas and luxuriously tasty Rolex’s, the wheels almost literally came off the wagon. Some quick roadside mechanics from Arnie and Peter re-nutted the offending wheel, and before long we arrived at Kanberra hotel, our base for the next two weeks!

Baboon at the side of the road…


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