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12th October 2017

Last teaching day dawns and sadly Bruce has been laid low overnight with gastroenteritis. Misbah and Judy also feel under the weather but well enough to continue working.

Misbah continues with practical sessions in obstetric scanning in the antenatal clinic. How rewarding that today one of her students found undiagnosed twins! Judy continues to teach suturing techniques, advancing students’ skills for perineal repairs as well as clinical teaching on surgical wards.

Sarah was back at the Therapeutic  feeding centre covering many aspects of nutrition and practical skills on tube feeding. Student questions lead Sarah out of her normal comfort zone to explaining paediatric drug dose calculations!

I taught in the paediatric clinic today. This is more like a paediatric general practice clinic with children with common virus illnesses as well as chest infections and malaria.  The throughput is staggering and the clinical medical officers work tirelessly. Antibiotic usage, ineffectiveness of cough syrups and management of psychosomatic disorders were just some of the areas for discussion!

Before leaving the hospital I gave year 3 students a lecture on care of the normal newborns before we all set off for the University. During the afternoon there was an introduction to obstetric ultrasound specially requested by year 3 students from Misbah, assessment of malnutrition by Sarah and diagnosing Breast disease by Judy.

On the way home we pick up 40 strings of beautiful African beads for the Cantilena Choir ready for members to wear for their fund-raising concert next spring for Poole Africa Link!

Another exhausting but very satisfying day. Bruce is making a good recovery. Sadly, we are now packing for the very long trip home tomorrow. Team 2 will be starting the reverse journey on Saturday!




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