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10th October 2017

We had torrential rain overnight but the sun started to shine again in the morning. Judy went to the University today to meet with Professor Jasper, the University Vice Chancellor to discuss PAL visits and future schedules.The meeting was very positive.

The rest of us were at Lira Hospital doing clinical teaching. Year 4 students have now progressed to needing experience on pregnant mothers, so Misbah is now teaching them at the antenatal clinic each morning. Teaching had to be halted for another electricity failure for a couple of hours but a set of unexpected twins were discovered! She also had a surprise visit from the Bishop!

More challenging cases on the Children’s unit and it is so difficult for the staff to manage with so few trained staff and lack of equipment. On a positive note the new junior doctors have now arrived so staffing will be a bit better. Sarah was teaching in the paediatric clinic and therapeutic feeding centre. Bruce was in Emergency department teaching students a wide range of topics including suturing, cannulation and coma scales.

After perhaps a more trying day than usual, we are now enjoying a beer waiting to be joined for supper by Sr Anna Agnes the principal tutor at the University.



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