22nd March 2017

We may be a small group,  but we have certainly hit the ground running.  Bright and early start with Paul attending presentations of research project proposals from the Public Health Faculty.  Judy and I were expecting to start teaching at 8 as well,  but surprise surprise,  timetable changes.  It meant an opportunity to plan a bit,  prepare the neonatalie mannikins by filling with water!  and search through the skills lab.  Many of our previous gifts are still easily accessed,  as are various teaching materials,  which is very encouraging.

I had arranged to meet Agnes,  Senior Midwife to discuss safety and risk management in the new hospital.  This turned into a full blown safety meeting,  14 senior staff talking about setting up a safety framework for the new hospital,  from infection control,  the surgical safety checklist,  to patient identification.  Now to choose our safety lead.  The seed is sewn and then we had a tremendous storm outside,  so hopefully germination will happen.

Yr 2 had fun with mannikins,  resuscitating newborns and practicing ABC assessment with Judy and I for the rest of the day.

Enjoying a session on neonatal resuscitation

Frankie ends up helping with a spinal, good excuse for a baby picture

Thrilled to see all our stuff still being used in the skills room

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