21st March 2017

After a working breakfast to untangle the complex and ever bulging timetable we went to the university and met up with Dr Tom Otim, University dean, obstretician at Lira hospital and also obs and gynae lecturer. We sat in on his vibrant lecture, following which Paul had very constructive talks with him about academic linking and the the post graduate medical set up, in particular for the interns.

We were able to present him with a fine set of Lloyd Davis stirrups for theatre which judy managed to bring in wrapped in carpet without being arrested for arms smuggling. By co-incidence they are manufactured by a company called  PAL!

Since our last visit there are little enterprises popping up in shacks around the university – one being the tasty snacks shack – just outside the midwifery school serving plates of delicious rice and peanut sauce with green stuff. Good for a working lunch.

Frankie had a very busy afternoon in Lira hospital theatres witnessing a very interesting caesarian section. Her mission as Safety guru is progressing well and well received there.

Judy had the third year students suturing away on vinyl patches at the university  Рwhich they enjoyed and are keen for the progression to perineal tears on sponges . The skills lab is being used to great effect and acquiring  boosts of teaching aids, is well organised and has a daily student group rota on the door.

Interspersed with all this is a lot of contact building and linking with old friends.

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