20th March 2017

We had an amazing day yesterday (Monday) – just chatting to all the hospital and university people.

The most lovely thing is when some of the students recognise us and run over and give us a hug!

I’m teaching suturing today to one of the year groups. Also giving the doctor here some state of the art stirrups for their operating table.

Gudrun, who is one of the VSO workers here has adopted a stray dog she will keep. she is so lovely looks like a slim Rottweiler. she has a scrappy rope for a collar and by chance I tied my stirrups to pack them up with Oscar’s old collar so it will have a happy life with her now!

I’m in the dog house myself – I left my heating for the hot water on and fused the electrics in the hotel ooooops.

We had an amazing thunderstorm last night at supper…. cool

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