Wednesday 5th October 2016

The day started fantastically well with some vegetable samosas for breakfast which put a smile on everyone’s face as we headed off en-mass to the hospital. Frankie taught up in the operating theatre, Peter in neonates, Antoinette and Ally on Paeds and Liv and Sandy on Female medical.

Sandy would have made his nursing friends very happy teaching the students how to change a patient’s bed sheets by rolling the patient in bed. Liv said goodbye to all her students and patients as it was her last day on the wards.

Liv, Ally and Sandy braved the traffic and went in search of street food for lunch as the thought of more guacamole for lunch made them feel green. They stumbled upon a craft shop (run by a woman who has taught local women to sew and they sell all their products in the shop) while walking in the wrong direction looking for the prison and all bought bags of items. Liv’s now completed most of her Christmas shopping!

After a very warm welcome in the HIV clinic, Hilary went back to the labour ward and helped Gudrun, a VSO nurse and did some student teaching. A very busy day there again, the small delivery room houses four squashed up beds and nearly twice as many babies are born there per year as in Poole maternity unit. Women in the early stages of labour sometimes remain outside on the path until there is room for them to be admitted. On the way back to the hotel she visited one of the local Bishops with gifts from a church in Poole.

In the afternoon Ally, Antoinette and Peter rounded up all the students they could find to do some teaching while the rest taught the Basic course. Dinner was at Path a restaurant run to raise funds for a local orphanage but they turned up at 5 and when the food still hadn’t arrived by 6.45 they were wondering if they’d gone out to catch the fish before they cooked it.


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