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Wednesday 12th October 2016

Another hot and exhausting day. Lesley and Hilary had a couple of busy chaotic hours on the labour ward and Hilary was delighted that the decaying mattresses in the post natal ward had been replaced with some in better condition. Her conversations with the Hospital Director and senior chief nursing officer earlier in the week appeared to have got results!

They, along with Judy and Peter then visited the Otina Waa children’s village just outside the town. 315 orphans live here in family units, it’s an amazing, well organised and happy set up. We chatted to the children and left lots of Christmas presents.

Back at the hospital Antoinette had a busy morning teaching nursing students basic skills. This week the interns (newly qualified doctors) have returned to work and Frankie and Antoinette have set up a lunchtime teaching programme for them. More teaching continued in the afternoon on the Basics course covering obstetric emergencies. photo-2Peter continued with clinical teaching on the NICU.



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