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Samosas, safari and sugar cane – our trip home…

After an early start to say goodbye to the team, Ally, Liv and Sandy packed (significantly lighter) cases into the van and set off. A couple of brief stops for maize and charcoal, and they were on the long road to Lira. Baboons, colobus monkeys, waterfalls, tobacco and coffee harvests made the early stages of the journey manageable, but it was a happy moment when the restaurant selling the most delicious samosas hove into view! This was also a great moment for last minute present buying – Sandy was sorely tempted by a floppy hat, while Liv investigated a cow skin wallet, only to find it contained a live lizard!

We moved on quickly to visit the rhino safari on the way to Entebbe and had an amazing experience with six rhinos (including a pretty ferocious bull) ambling past, less than 20m away! Ally cautiously kept her distance but the other two were desperate for some rhino selfies – much to the guide’s amusement!

The rest of the journey was long and hot, but eventually we reached Entebbe and the airport…ready for a seven hour wait for our first flight! A makeshift camp on the floor and the left over samosas kept our spirits up – as did the Ugandan gin for the bargain price of $4 a bottle! Another wait at Nairobi (where our tshirts attracted a lot of attention, if only we’d been wearing our baseball caps too!), then onto the final flight and home to families, washing and some rather different weather!

What a fantastic fortnight.

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