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Friday 21st October 2016

Well what a trip. I feel terribly humbled by all the wonderfully resilient people that we have met. They stay cheerful and manage against huge odds. lack of equipment, lack of staff and terrible suffering.

We have made some very good friends both Ugandans and other teams trying to make a difference. Yesterday was emotionally draining as we said our goodbyes.

Just initial reflections on what we have achieved. We certainly taught many hours at the university, the student feedback is very positive both on paper and judging by all the hugs we have received the feedback is genuine. we now have many friends at the hospital, student nurses, ward sisters and medical officers. They all were excited at the prospect of our returning.

Hats for Theatre, will pay for gowns for labouring Mums

Hats for Theatre, will pay for gowns for labouring Mums

The BASIC DHS course finished with a large number attending for the final test. We have developed a prototype gown for mums in theatre waiting for their spinal c-sections. To date they are left totally naked with about 15 student nurses looking on.

The patient naming with zinc oxide tape has been approved, I hope to see it working on our return. We have a check list for mothers coming to theatre, Betty, the anaesthetist, has started an observational study on Hb immediately prior to surgery.

Frankie becomes honorary member of Lira Rotary


Our new links are growing. Patrick Opio, the surgeon at a small hospital is working with Judy on a big project looking at breast cancer in Uganda. We have linked in with the local Rotary! hopefully we can develop links with Poole and Bournemouth. Poole Africa Link has arrived in Lira!


Plans for March are now being made. There is plenty for us to do.


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